and not only does the implication that shiva is a teenager suck for cass (who was at least 19 herself btw), but it sucks for lady shiva too

this is a woman who was on richard dragon, bronze tiger, BATMAN level of combat skill, probably better than every single one of them before the reboot. I’m pretty sure at one point she was #confirmed the best martial artist in the ENTIRE DCU before cassandra took her down and assumedly took on the title.

She trained tim drake and is the reason he knows how to use a bo staff his signature weapon, saved vic sage’s life a billion times then beat up a zombie version of him, was a respected ally and and then enemy of the league of assassins and still managed to live, whipped bruce back into batman shape after Bane broke his back, killed all these master assassins and martial artists just because she was bored and wanted a challenge (and had a death wish but), kicked connor hawke’s ass, kicked dinah lance’s ass, kicked dick grayson’s ass, gets aN ACTUAL CULT FOLLOWING BECAUSE PPL THOUGHT SHES THE HINDU GOD SHIVA YES SHE IS THAT MUCH OF A BADASS and like

I’m so mad that there is such little respect for her history. If that Nightwing #12 solicit is true and she really is Dick’s age (21) how is all that amazing backstory about her skill and her notoriety and her reputation still valid? imo they really knocked her down a few pegs by cutting her age off like that and it’s gross and ridiculous because there’s nothing to change about late 30ish or 40something woman of color being better than everyone 

not to mention sandra BECAME shiva the day her daughter was born so how could she have birthed cass and took on the role of shiva if she met dick grayson when they were BOTH teenagers it doesn’t make sense and I’m way more upset than I should be but I don’t give a shit I hate it and I hate dc and I’ll probably hate kyle higgins guest writer troy defalco after that issue and if shiva and dick fuck I am so done and also wtf is she wearing on that cover wow 

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